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NeoVac is a spin-off from Tel Aviv University with a unique IP for Lipid Nanoparticles developed by Prof. Dan Peer.


Prof. Peer’s work was among the first to demonstrate systematic delivery of RNA molecules using targeted nanocarriers to the immune system. His lab was the first to show systemic cell specific delivery of mRNA and invented the first bacterial mRNA vaccine. In addition, he pioneered the use of mRNA and sgRNA for therapeutic genome editing in cancer. 

Co-founder Prof. Adrian Hill leads the Jenner Institute at Oxford University and oversees NeoVac’s clinical trial activities. Prof. Hill is a world-renowned vaccinologist, co-inventor of the Astra Zeneca Vaccine, an expert in malaria vaccines and leader of over 80 high-profile vaccine clinical trials.


NeoVac is creating revolutionary, unique and proprietary next-generation lipid nanoparticles to enable better RNA vaccines and treatments for various diseases.

Allowing more people around the world access to better vaccines and treatments - more transportable, with broader capabilities and fewer side effects. 

The Team


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